Growing world class Pinot noir starts with a special place, but cannot reach its full potential without careful tending.  Under the supervision of Vineyard Manager David Nemarnik, care of the vineyard requires hand labor and careful attention to detail.  Crop levels are carefully planned and adjusted and canopies are meticulously maintained by hand, to assure balance and optimal ripening.  In addition, there are many eyes that keep a careful watch on what is happening at Alloro.  In addition to David’s careful eye, our Vineyard Forman, David Lopez, and Winemaker, Tom Fitzpatrick, keep constant watch.  Alloro's philosophy is rooted in a respect for the land and in practices that protect and nurture our soils.  The preservation and improvement of the soil's health and fertility are fundamental. Alloro is  L.I.V.E certified and sustainably farmed.  Our vineyard practices are based on a holistic approach, involving the entire farm as an agro-ecosystem, focused on protecting natural biological cycles.

Located on a southwest facing slope of Laurel Ridge in the Chehalem Mountains, our site is at the center of a mesoclimate of temperate weather, where the days are warm and sunny, and the nights are cool.  The entire property rises from an elevation of 350 feet at its base, to 700 feet at its peak. The vineyard plantings start at 475 feet and rise to about 650 feet and have either a southwest or southeast aspect.  The soil is classified as Laurelwood Series, a silty soil made of ancient decomposed volcanic material with a top layer of ancient sediment. It is this unique environment, or place, that represents our terroir and it has proved to be a wonderful choice for creating the distinct personality and complex flavors that are reflected in our wines.


The winery was designed specifically for the production of small lots of handcrafted Pinot noir.  The building is situated at the crest of the hill, in the center of our estate vineyard.  Having the winery in the middle of the estate  allows us to be intimately connected to what is happening with the vines during the growing season, and allows for very close monitoring of fruit ripeness and optimal harvest timing.

The building was designed and engineered to last for generations, constructed almost entirely out of concrete and Oregon Douglas fir.  The traditional underground cellaring caves are energy efficient, taking advantage of the cool earth to maintain ideal cellaring temperature and humidity.  Solar panels were installed to act as the primary source of energy for winery operations.  The winery was designed by Architect Larry Ferrar and was completed in time for the 2003 harvest.


Our Winemaker, Tom Fitzpatrick, believes that a wine should be an expression of place at a moment in time.  He therefore strives to capture the unique personality of our site as it expresses itself in each vintage.  He believes that a wine should display balance, subtlety, complexity, and grace.  In order to achieve this in our wines, he uses a combination of both art and science and believes that the secret to great wine is great care…. in the vineyard, in the cellar, and in all that we do.  His general winemaking approach is hands-off with a willingness to intervene if nature’s course promises to detract in any way from a complete expression of place.  Although Tom uses a holistic approach to making wine, he goes to great lengths to achieve desirable texture and retention of aromas.

During harvest, fruit is carefully picked into 25 pound lugs, to minimize bruising and premature breakage.  The fruit is carried only steps away to the estate winery, where it is meticulously sorted and destemmed.  Fermentations utilize native yeast and gentle handling.  The wines age in 25 to 40% new french oak barriques for 10 to 16 months.

At the heart of Alloro’s wine is this very special place:  78 acres of uniquely contoured soil in the Chehalem Mountains that possess the proper qualities for growing world class Pinot noir.